RCJ OnStage

RoboCupJunior OnStage invites teams to design, build and program creative and autonomous physical robots. The
objective is to create either a live or streamed, robotic performance of 1 to 2 minutes, that uses a wide variety of
technology to engage an audience. This includes a range of possible performances, such as dance, storytelling, theatre,
or art installations. The performance may involve music, but this is optional. Teams are encouraged to be creative, innovative, and entertaining, in both the design of the robots and in the design of
the overall performance.

All team members must be aged 14 to 19-year-old (age as of 1st of July).
All teams are judged in the following areas: a Technical Description Paper (TPD), Technical Demonstration, Technical
Interview, and an OnStage Performance.

Ready for Review! *****   ROBOCUPJUNIOR 2023 ONSTAGE DRAFT RULES


RoboCupJunior 2022 OnStage rules (final)

RoboCupJunior 2022 OnStage scoresheets (final)

RoboCupJunior 2022 OnStage TDP (final)

updated: 27-july-2022

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