Autonomous robots compete against each other

Teams of up to four high school students each play design, construct and program autonomous robots that compete in a highly dynamic environment mimicking a soccer field.

Soccer Leagues (2:2 Lightweight and Open)

Soccer has two sub leagues that are played at the  annual international RoboCup tournament. They are soccer lightweight and soccer open. (Links to be inserted here) Both leagues are played with two robots per team, but Lightweight robots are subject to stricter weight limits but larger size limits while using an infrared ball that can be detected without the use of cameras. Here electrical and mechanical engineering are a bigger factor in success than in open leagues where an Orange golf ball needs to be detected using cameras which poses much bigger software challenges.

Soccer Lightweight
Soccer Open
Soccer Entry (1:1 leagues)

The Soccer committee also maintains two sets of rules for leagues where only one robot per team plays and in which teams may only compete a limited number of times before they have to move on the the next higher league.

Soccer entry consists of Soccer 1:1 Standard Kit league (restricted components, meant for first entry to soccer) and Soccer 1:1 Lightweight (meant to be a step on the way up to 2:2 Lightweight and then 2:2 Open).

These rules are currently only played in some regions and the EMEA SuperRegional tournament while other regions run their own Entry leagues while other regions do not currently offer any entry league tournaments. Check with your regional representative (link to list here) what leagues are offered in your region.

Soccer Entry Lightweight
RCJ Soccer simulation challenge

RCJ Soccer Simulation Challenge is a purely online competition that is held without qualification through the regions. It started at RoboCup Worldwide 2021 and teams participate by uploading their code to be run on virtual robots in a virtual soccer field environment.

RCJ Soccer Simulation Challenge
  • Previous years’ rules can be found here.
  • Information about the RCJ Soccer Ball (RCJ-05) is available HERE.
    The demo presentation slide titled “Building cheap sensors for the new pulsed RCJ soccer ball” is available HERE.
  • The new electronic soccer ball can be purchased from: Elekit

Please make sure to check the RoboCupJunior General Rules!