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Project-oriented educational robotics for students up through age 19, with a focus on providing a hands-on, scaffolded environment where learners can grow by expanding their knowledge of, sparking their curiosity about and increasing their comfort with technology. Three challenges: Soccer, Rescue, OnStage (former Dance) each emphasizing cooperative problem-solving; each designed to reach creative young minds with a range of interests, and skills


Robots identify victims within re-created disaster scenarios, varying in complexity from line-following on a flat surface to negotiating paths through obstacles on uneven terrain Please make sure to check the RoboCupJunior General Rules! Rescue League...


Autonomous robots compete against each other Teams of up to four high school students each play design, construct and program autonomous robots that compete in a highly dynamic environment mimicking a soccer field. Soccer Leagues...


One or more robots come together with humans, dressed in costume and moving in creative, interactive and collaborative ways Please make sure to check the RoboCupJunior General Rules! From 2021 onwards, there will be no...