Organising RoboCupJunior takes a lot of work and effort. Each year, we try to bring together a great team to work together on rules and the international competition itself. We’re trying to work more and more transparent each year, and we are happy about feedback from you!

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RoboCupJunior Committees, Execs and Trustees

Get to know us! You can find all about the current League Committees, Executive Committee and Junior Trustees below. Additionally, since 2023 we try to involve even more people in our work. You can find the list of the corresponding RoboCupJunior Sub-Committees below, too!

RCJ International 2023 Committees
RCJ International 2023 Sub-Committees
RCJ Regional Representatives and web sites(2022-2023)

Past Committees, Execs and Trustees

RoboCup has been growing over the past decades. We would like to thank everyone involved in that journey! Below you can find the members of the League Committees, Executive Committee and Junior Trustees of past RoboCupJunior seasons. Special thanks also to the volunteers as well as Local Organising Committees helping with the on-site organisation.

RCJ International 2022 Committees
RCJ International 2021 Committees
RCJ International 2019 Committees
RCJ International 2018 Committees
RCJ International 2017 Committees
RCJ International 2016 Committees
RCJ International 2015 Committees
RCJ International 2014 Committees
RCJ International 2013 Committees