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Project-oriented educational robotics for students up through age 19, with a focus on providing a hands-on, scaffolded environment where learners can grow by expanding their knowledge of, sparking their curiosity about and increasing their comfort with technology. Three challenges: Soccer, Rescue, OnStage (former Dance) each emphasizing cooperative problem-solving; each designed to reach creative young minds with a range of interests, and skills

Rescue Simulation League (former CoSpace League)

In Rescue Simulation League teams have to develop and program appropriate strategies for both real and virtual autonomous robots to navigate through the real and virtual worlds to collect objects while competing with another team’s...

OnStage Advance League

 OnStage Advance league is more challenging category within which experienced teams can compete. Team have one or more members who have attended two international RoboCupJunior competitions in any league will compete in Advance League. All team members...

OnStage – Novice League

RoboCupJunior OnStage (formerly Dance) invites teams to develop a creative stage performance using autonomous robots that they have designed, built and programmed. The objective is to create a robotic performance of 1 to 2 minutes...