Workshop On Educational Robotics-WEROB 2019

Schedule  Workshop on Educational Robotics 2019
8:50–9:00 Welcome and Greetings (RoboCup Symposium)
9:00–9:50 Keynote 1: A Brief History of RoboCup and a Discussion of the Future; Manuela Veloso
9:50–11:10 Team and Educational Robotics presentations:     
Julian Lee and Jeffrey Cheng Navigating a Maze with Visual Victims (9:50-10:10)
Koto Sakamoto –  “Potentials of Kawaii Robots” – Feasibility Study that Uses Unique Robot “Pirica” (10:10-10:30)  
RoboCup Rescue Rapidly Manufactured Robot Challenge Update (10:30-10:50)  
Damien Kee  – Don’t Teach Robotics, use Robotics to Teach (10:50-11:10)
11:10-12:00 Poster Session with coffee break
12:00-13:00 New Possibilities:  
Duckietown (12:00-12:30)
Rescue Simulation New Platforms (12:30-13:00)
13:00-14:00 Lunch (Bring your own lunch. Go out and enjoy lunch @ Darling Harbour)
14:00-14:50 Keynote 2: Creating Robots That See; Peter Corke
14:50-16:10 RoboCupJunior League Panel Discussion (RoboCup 2019 Report)
16:10-17:00 Poster Session with coffee break
17:00-17:50 Keynote 3: Robots in the Wild; Gamini Dissanayake
16:30-19:30 RoboCupJunior League Committee Meeting (Closed Session with RCJ Committee members)