RoboCupJunior General Rules

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Team Size

Since RoboCupJunior embraces teamwork and collaboration among team members, a team should have more than one member to form a RoboCupJunior team to participate in the International event.

A team member(s) and/or robot(s) cannot be shared between teams.

The minimum team size is 2 members for all leagues.

The maximum team size is 4 members for RoboCupJunior Soccer and Rescue leagues and 5 members for OnStage leagues for RoboCupJunior 2024, Eindhoven, Netherlands .

Team Members

The minimum age is 14 RoboCupJunior 2023. From RCJ 2018 there is no division between the primary and secondary age categories:

  • Teams with all student members age 14 to 19 years old are considered Junior.

Age is counted as of July 1st for the international RCJ event each year.

The plan is to bring the minimum age of international events to 14-year-old.
2017 (Japan) – was 11-year-old
2018 (Canada) – was 12-year-old
2019 (Australia) – was 13-year-old
2020 – event postponed
2021 (online) – 14-year-old
2022 (Thailand) – 14-year-old
2023 (Bordeaux) – 14-year-old

This rule applies to international events ONLY.

Every team member needs to carry out a technical role for the team (robot design and construction, sensors and actuators, programming, etc.), this should be identified at the registration. The actual categories will be announced before the registration opens. In addition, each member is expected to explain his/her technical role and should be able to answer any questions at the technical judging.

Robot Communication

Robots are not allowed to use any kind of communication during game play unless the communication between two robots is via Bluetooth class 2 or class 3 (range shorter than 20 meters) or via ZigBee. Teams are responsible for their communication. The availability of frequencies cannot be guaranteed.

RCJ Team Posters

A team’s poster is a way of sharing their robot’s design and discoveries to everyone during and after the event. Teams should think of their posters as a well
designed summary of their design documents. Posters should be made in an interesting and engaging format, as they will be viewed not only by the judges but also by other teams and visiting members of the public.

For all posters for international events, the size of the poster should be no larger than A1 (60 x 84 cm). For specifics for posters for each individual league, refer to the current years’ rules.