RCJ Rescue – New Simulation (Demonstration)

The RoboCupJunior Rescue New Simulation working group is composed of volunteer members from RoboCupJunior Rescue league and RoboCup Rescue Simulation league committees aiming to develop a new RCJ Simulation platform for the RCJ Rescue and/or other RCJ leagues providing exciting learning opportunities in a simulation environment. There were two new RoboCupJunior Rescue Simulation platforms (Webot-Erebus and CoppeliaSim-SimPlus) developed and tested in early Summer 2020. In late July 2020, RoboCupJunior Rescue league committees selected Webot-Erebus as the new platform to be further tested in October 2020. We offered a series of online tutorials and workshops during the RoboCup 2020 period, and encouraged volunteer teams to try out the platforms for our assessment.

RoboCupJunior Rescue New Simulation (Demonstration) will be part of the 2021 International RoboCup event. The competition style will be mimicking the demonstration competition which took place in October 2020. An additional SuperTeam challenge is planned, where the simulation environment and/or rules are slightly modified. A new set of rules is currently being developed with the accompanying platform changes and documentation.

WebotsSimApp-Erebus Wiki: https://github.com/Shadow149/RescueMaze/wiki
RCJ Rescue Community Website for most updated information: https://rescue.rcj.cloud

Rescue New Simulation (Demonstration) Rules 2021 (Draft)

Updated: 03/27/2021